Web Design.

This morning we covered web design, specifically UX and UI aspects, with Eddie Wong as our featured guest speaker. Before we got started, Eddie introduced himself and his background; animation, motion graphics and the user experience are what seem to drive him…he also mentioned that he has taught students as well.

Along the way, he asked whether we knew what UX and UI terminologies are, and to explain their differences. The user experience is how the individual feels when exploring the entirety of a sites layout. Can they read the text? Do the links work properly? On the other hand, UI is about the way in which the interface is designed; are we using two columns or three? Shall we have a large slot of video here, large paragraph there…and so on.


Eddie also stressed that in this field of design, its not often about generating new UI’s in order to improve the UX, but instead to revamp sites with existing ways that we know work well. He used Netflix as an example of a site that has improved itself to provide easier readability and a sense of order for films and T.V shows.

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We took a quick look at our own chosen websites and had a guess at what we thought would be prioritised vs what is actually prioritised. Stuart and I used the gaming site “Steam”. We initially thought that games would rank the highest importance, but then we realised that sales would trump this. Why? The site wants to demonstrate that they provide a way to buy the games you enjoy for a great price. This is done with contrasting bold white and colours vs a black, dark background. The hierarchy in the UI also proves this, with a large banners and sections dedicated to sales content.

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We then moved onto how one would go about creating a website from scratch – this involves the wire framing process. Personally, before I begin this process, I would actually like to sit down and write out what I know the site needs – to make a check list and then to start mock ups.




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