After Effects: Part One.

This morning we had our first look at Abode After Effects. I have used this program in the past to make motion graphics, as well as an illustrated animation. However, using Ae for green screen effects was something new for me. 

I actually was not aware that this could be done and so it proved to be a great new thing to learn. Carsten provided us with some download material to get us started in this venture; a background, explosion clip, sound effects and of course – Jean-Claude Van Damme performing a stunt. We put these pieces together in class to come up with the final piece of Van Damme escaping certain death…hehe, just a bit of light hearted fun for the morning.

In doing this exercise, I learnt how to use Keylight, which is the built in program for working with eliminating the green screen to allow for any desired background. I changed clip white to 79 and the clip black to 38. I also changed the option “soft colour” to “hard colour” as I’ve heard this is suggested to reduce spill.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After this, I played around with keyframes to change the sound, as well as to change the sale and position of JCVD so that his jumping movement would transition better with his running movement. I also found an explosive sound to add to the effect of the short clip. I forgot to add text in, but I kind of this it would look even more cheesy with it, so never mind! Here is my final result:


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