Web Development.

After this mornings lesson with Malcolm, it is safe to say that I have gained a small amount of insight into the realms of web development. This is defiantly a skill that currently eludes my understanding and so it was pretty interesting to have a play around with some HTML coding via the Firefox browser. Malcolm was well prepared with a set of tasks for us to download that would help navigate us through each stage of the tutorial. In the presentation, four points we made that demonstrate the steps required for establishing any website. These were:

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 9.30.41 PM.png

Some the jargon that goes along with web development was ‘demystified’ as Dan likes to call it! There is quite a bit to remember and its all a bit like gibberish to me but as with anything, if I were to practice then it would become locked into the memory bank.

  • “<section>”tags hold generic info
  • “<div>”tags I think hold more descriptive info
  • <article> tag holds  all the information on one topic, so a paragraph of info I think
  • <nav> tags are a common way to define a navigation bar container
  • <aside> tags are often used to contain a short extract or quote from the main text

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 9.40.41 PM.png

Here I am having a go at changing the colour and such with this template provided to us during class. So, todays lesson was quite interesting and I will admit that a fair amount of it is still a bit confusing to me. I hope that perhaps we can learn  bit more next time. Stuart and I are interested in setting up a webpage for our finished project video to appear on, to which we are thinking of placing a QR code around K Rd so people can access our page/video. We can use the skills learnt here to create this page!


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