Stop Motion: Part 2.

This morning we revisited our still shots taken from a couple of weeks back so that we could learn how to compress the stills into a single moving image. Carsten showed us that by using Adobe Bridge, we can use the batch rename function to synchronise our files into an order that will allow for Premiere Pro to import them all as one single moving image! This was really good to learn about as it really helps save time in the editing process. It was good to learn something new…

Once I’d sorted my files out properly and used the modify > interpret footage function to change my frame rate to 12fps. This is ideally what we should all be thinking about BEFORE making any kind of film. I used some skills that I have with Premiere Pro to add titles, set keyframes to make them move, added music from a royalty free website (, and used some further effects such as dip to black for fading transitions.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After making this video, its easy to see that it takes a lot of applied practice in order to make something far better. Some things that I would consider far more next time would be the lighting: keeping it consistent throughout each shot. The way in which the characters are framed and how they move in each shot and the fps while capturing the images. It was a cool activity to engage in, I do enjoy making film and animation!



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