Class colab on Project.

The second half of todays class was quite insightful in regards to the development of our  e-commerse project. At the beginning of the lesson, we were asked to consider ‘ what do we know? What don’t we know?’ 

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 9.06.13 PM.png

Together, our group held a quiet discussion with this concept in mind and I wrote up our overall thoughts onto our Basecamp message board as displayed above. We realise that as the Content team we will need to work closely alongside the Fulfilment, Design and Branding teams in order to realise who our artists are, when we can set up interviews with them, take photos of their products and in turn have all the visual content and gathered research in order to draft up paragraphs and descriptions for final uploading.

We started discussing who would like to allocate themselves to which duty within the Content team, but we have not written up a final document as the majority of our team was not present.

I am keen to contribute to the Text & News generating/editing/overseeing. I am going to write up a status report which will outline what is required of me in this role. Next week we should have a central Basecamp to post to.


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