Research Ethics and Research Practice.

There isn’t any in class assignment this week, but I just wanted to write a brief reflective post after today’s lesson. I really appreciate how in depth each lesson has been so far; how much knowledge Scott shares with us is just fantastic; I’ve learnt a lot of new terminologies for various researching methods that I wasn’t overly aware of, such as Autoethnography. This is a methodology which enables the researcher to engage in and then reflect upon their own experiences within their realm of research.

  • Auto – self
  • Ethno – culture
  • Graphs – the study of / to write about

We were reminded that K Rd is not home to a singular entity, it is multifaceted. I thought this was a good point to reinforce as it is very true; no singular thing consists of only one identity, emotion, nature, etc. Just like research questions, objects, people and places are complex and open ended routes of exploration. Its also important to be specific and precise in your writing and  research work; to choose the right words that will best suit our questions/topics and not leave room for much confusion, bias or offence.

What was really good to cover this morning was how we need to consider our behaviour towards our research subjects: Ethics and informed consent. This is a very appropriate topic to cover as respect is definitely a key professional trait to carry within any relationship. I am grateful that Scott has taken the time to layout some consent forms for our use; these will come in handy!

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 3.40.23 PM.png

One last thing: the last TedTalk from Luke DuBois (Insightful human portraits made from data), was really inspiring. Its really fascinating to see someone who says they cannot paint or draw turn data into works of art…I’d say he can definitely draw; he knows how to compile information into still and moving imagery! He was a cool guy to have a look at.



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