The Idea Economy.

To summarise this mornings events: The Value Exchange, brief history of trade and the Experience Economy. I really enjoy history and took this as a subject throughout high school, and have learnt about the value exchange in prior years of study, so this was nothing new to me. Nevertheless it was interesting to hear once again. What I am more unfamiliar with and not well versed in would be economics, and so when we moved onto explaining more about the ‘experience economy’ I was more engaged.

  • Extract Commodities -> Make Goods -> Deliver Services -> Stage Experiences

We then had a go at initialising this in small groups with the diagram sheets provided.

A few facts that I found most interesting from the first half of the lesson would be:

The Marxist theory

Four ages of mankind:

  • The Age of the hunters and Gatherers
  • the Age of Agriculture
  • The Industrial Age
  • The Age of Informationexperience economy

I would say however, that I wish we would have focused a lot more on our e-commerse project as I am still left a bit baffled as to ‘what’s next’. Each group was asked to gloss over what they presumed to be the appropriate first steps in their progression. I found it helpful to hear where everyone thinks they need to be at in order to begin.

Yet seeing as our main K Rd project takes up so much of our class and homework time, I peronsally would appreciate it if we placed a wider focus on this e-commerce project in class, so that we could all collaborate much easier as a team. This would work because most of us would be present for class, hence not wasting time after hours chasing down individuals and/or organising things when we are actually quite unsure on how to progress on such a foreign task to us. That is all.


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