Communicating Ideas.

The jist of this afternoons class was essentially that we must start to think about how we will be presenting our work to the Karangahape Road Business Association! Wow only just over one week away until presentation time – exciting! 

Paul drew up an in depth system on the white board; basically of what he expects us to include and/or think about whilst planning our presentation. Stuart and I have decided to ditch the A2 board/s idea due to time and cost…instead we will be using Google Slides.


Today’s whiteboard

How I selected images: I knew that we would need to describe what acts of kindness are to us: so I thought we could use some of our photographs to briefly explain what places we’ve observed and visited.


Stuart’s Google map would also be great to talk about and place in our slide, as this also demonstrates where we’ve been, what we’ve identified so far. I think it would be good to include the Adobe icons for the programmes we’ll be using, so that we do not need to speak about them as the icons will associate themselves.

 Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 3.02.31 PM

Otherwise, I think that we shouldn’t flood the slides with too many visuals as it could cause confusion. Instead I propose either black or white backgrounds with a singular bright colour for the font and a pattern along the edges of the slide to create a clean, professional yet playful and happy looking slide.

In order to begin planning the slide layout, I drew up thumbnails onto an A3, and just wrote who, what, when, where, how based questions under each slide to help jog my memory on what sort of content we’d need to cover. At the end of the slide, I’ve left it open for questions from the audience.

In the end, we came together and rearranged the order into a layout that suited us best. Stuart wanted a serif font and I wanted a sans serif…so we used both: Sans serif for crisp, readable headlines and serif font for the text that we would cover and does not require audience readability unless they choose to do so. We went with Stuarts idea of orange for a singular bright colour that instilled a sense of happiness and a heartwarming aspect rot our slide….with my idea of black and white to keep it clean and professional too. We went with the idea of using as little graphic images as possible so as not to confuse our audience. Ideally we want to make it quick and easy to understand as we know that our project is quite varied in its overall exploration.


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