Stop Motion: Part 1.

I really enjoyed generating a small series of photographs for our upcoming stop motion making process in the later weeks. What we done was get into groups to come up with at least 3-5 seconds worth of footage. I teamed up with Joe, Charlie and Bailey; we used some Lego Star Wars figures, a Lego vehicle and doorway to capture the beginning of our story.

Our story begins with some characters out of focus in the foreground, staging a fight, while Chewbacca and his minion ride atop the car in the background. They are in focus. They basically drive right into the fighting crowd and knock them all over. Chewwy then hops off the vehicle and takes out his lightsaber, victorious. Then he walks off and toward a doorway, which he opens and walks through.

It was really neat to have a play around with the figures, and in doing just this small process alone, we all learnt that its a lot of hard work to make even a few seconds worth of footage! You have to consider the lighting of each shot, make sure to place the characters in the right spaces and also to move them exactly right. It was also a bit difficult to make the characters stand up properly. I think this exercise made us really appreciate the amount of effort that stop motion films require.


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