Realisation of Material Created Work.

Prior to this morning’s class, I was wondering why we had to bring an A4 sheet of paper with an appliance drawn on…it just seemed like a strange request. But alas, it was all revealed when we took on a quirky drawing task allocated to us by guest lecturer: Richard Fahey. 

This morning our session was based around “the iterative process around planning and making creative work, particularly involving the physical, the material, the technological.” After exploring the kinetic sculpture artist Len Lye’s work as a demonstrating point for today’s exercise, I began to wonder just what we’d be doing with our drawings. Richard then integrated these three processes here:

  • Change context/function
    We had to cut our page into thirds. Then they were all spread out and shared at random. One we all three new pieces, we were instructed to draw them into a singular new appliance or thing. I made a cool box that was also a portable stereo, so a boom box I suppose.
  • Change material condition
    In this stage, we were asked to use the ‘complete opposite’ materials that we’d come up with in the first stage. To think completely outside the square. I converted my first idea into a jelly material that could keep things cold, and used tin cans and spoons and chocolate fingers/fish for dials.
  • Change scale
    Lastly we were told to think on a different scale in terms of size, and change our items into playgrounds. I made a jelly theme park. The picture below show each of these steps.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The explanation at the end was a pretty neat way to wrap up the exercise; I quite enjoyed using a drawing process to fulfil the points that were established today. It felt very engaging and enjoyable to be a part of.


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