This afternoon I went along to the tutorial with  Simon Che de Boer, who is the founder of These guys are a company who are interested in using photogrammetry to formulate moving image that can be played back and integrated into and revisited in real life.

Here is their official website:

There was a lot in depth discussion on Simon’s end,  which if I am honest, I got a bit lost in! At times I didn’t completely understand all the jargon…but I can definitely say that what I valued the most out of the lesson was his saying that he personally enjoys using this tech to preserve buildings, architectures and places that hail a certain significance or history about them. His personal story was a great insight into his reasoning and drive to work hard in this specialist field.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to use this tech on say famous architectural structures, wonders of the world or art galleries? Imagine future history lessons right here in New Zealand, hosting virtual tours of the Colosseum? This to me, is a cool possibility indeed.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 7.43.47 PM.png

Here we are having a play with some VR gear, exploring the photogrammic world atop our very own SkyTower. It was interesting to view the different ways in which people would react once the headgear was on; how what they could see and hear really affected their interaction with the world that only they could see. One girl was genuinely nervous, while Stuart tested the boundaries by jumping on the couch!

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