Branding and assignment.

This morning we explored some differences between product and brand based marketing – using the prime example of a series of Apple iPod advertisements. From here we broke down some key differences in these different methodologies. 

  • Product: informational/ detonated/ quantitive/ demonstrates capacity of object – how much it holds, what it comes with…precision is key.

I really didn’t like the analogy Cris made with the carpet but beggars can’t be choosers…thankfully we moved onto brand based marketing – what is this exactly??

  • Brand: more than a name or symbol, logo or thing.

It’s differentiation 

                              its personalities,stories

identification            about meaning        

Brand is a connotative set of all its components: product, identity, associated feelings, marketing, promotion etc.

Branding is what leads one to believe in an overall story or idea.


I have learnt about branding before in my Creative Enterprises class back at AUT, so I found this lesson to be a bit of a refresher for me…it was good to revisit this topic though to refresh my thinking. I wrote down a few abbreviations to remember too:

  • NGO – non government association
  • USP – Unique selling proposition (pushing products at people)
  • UBT – (Pulling people into tribes)
  • B2B – Business to Business
  • B2C – Business to customeR

“People don’t like to be sold, they like to buy, and they buy in tribes…” This essentially is a mentality comprised on our natural human nature to band together due to certain commonalities. Here is an article I found just for fun, thought it was a good read:

Lastly, Cris confirmed the new ICA, handing out the brief! We discussed its ‘build phase’ components and formulated teams for each stage of the build. I chose to get into the Content team, as I thought this one might be quite exciting to start off with. Next week, our groups must present to the class what we think we will need to prepare in order to begin the build phase.


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