Illustrator: Part Three.

I figured out how to get back onto Lynda, so I can now start to watch the Illustrator tutorials! Yay! This week’s lesson explained how colour and colour swatches work within Illustrator. As well as being able to select colours from the premade swatches – you canals  create your own customised swatches to suit your personalised designing needs. That’s pretty neat! There is also the Adobe Colour app to generate colours according to various categories, such as complimentary, analogous and monochromatic. 

We further explored what the pen and shape tools can do when combining images together using the pathfinder tool. This chart is a good example of the various outcomes one can make with this tool.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 5.58.37 PM.png

Below is my own process of me making a cat. I used a combination of shape, pathfinder eyedropper and pen tools (add and minus points, draw). I found this exercise to be of great help, as I learnt how to add my own colours into Ai, as well as got to explore using the pathfinder tool! It has shown me that Ai is quite diverse and has a lot of avenues for further exploration (Here is my PDF: week4).

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