AR tour with: Augview Ltd.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend Mike Bundock’s (from Augview) lesson which explained how his company are currently exploring the use of Augmented Reality within their own practices, as well as to help other companies identify ‘what’s under the streets of Auckland.’

However I did have a watch of the class via Echo360 in order to get a general idea of what happened in the classroom. I also had a read through of Stuart’s notes in order to gain a simple breakdown of the lesson as a whole. This technology seems very useful for construction and architectural based industries, as it allows for users to view augmented models in real life spaces, thus helping to provide insight into the planning/construction of and/or maintenance of various site works.

What I think that I find most intriguing about Augmented Reality tech is the way in which it interweaves various learning avenues into one singular practice…by this I mean that its fascinating to see industries that work outdoors implementing not only technologies such as iPads and smartphones with apps, but now also VR! Its cool to know that designers are finding brand new ways to provide solutions through these such emerging technologies.


Augview ‘in action’ shot


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