Project: Week Three.

Hello! Some updates from last week would be that we’ve finally got a Basecamp up and running. This is now where Stuart and I will be communicating about our project the most. We’ve started making a time framed schedule that outlines what we need to get done and by when. We also used the To-Do list function to answer the prepared questions for Scotts class.

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I like the flexibility of Basecamp, and that its an easy platform to communicate our various findings on together. We also have a personal Google map of the K Rd area to which Stuart has plotted out places that we’ve both discovered so far in our researching.

As for my own individual research, I have let Scott know that I’d like to physically hand in a hard copy portfolio of my gathered research on his due date. I am considering posting my bibliography of research to Basecamp closer to the due date in order for other lecturers to view my findings (just in case they need to see it too). So, if you’d like to see our progressions, please refer to the Basecamp here: HappyACTcidents.

Update: Stuart and I have decided on a team name: we are HappyACTcidents.


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