Research and Design Thinking.

Unfortunately, I missed out on this lesson as I was unwell – but of course referring to Moodle easily fixes this situation. After reading through the presentational notes, I can see that research was discussed more in depth; defining research as a ‘systematic investigation’. An exploratory method where one will come into a situation not knowing and come out of it more informed.

The difference between ‘design thinking’ and ‘critical thinking’ was also established. While critical thinking aims to tackle a complex idea by breaking down its components into individual pieces, design thinking strives to find the solution to its problem from the bat. This is why designers are often viewed to be problem solvers.

 “Design thinking is solution based thinking”

A design mindset is not problem-focused, its solution-focused! It is our job as designers to provide outcomes that will be of good use and benefit the given situation. It continues to be the opposite of critical thinking, for we start with an idea and then build UP, not break DOWN.

Our project is a design problem that needs a solution, and it is important to remember this amongst all of the critical thinking that takes place within our research for the project. In saying this, Stuart and I have worked together to answer the following questions set up by Scott. We are to present these next week in order to have a starting point in our research  and design thinking processes.


1: What is the name of your group?  We are “HappyACTcidents” We made a bit of a terrible pun here, combining our focus on acts of kindness and the fact that they are unintentional or out of humility.

 2: Who are the members?  Stuart and myself.
3: What is the Proposition you’re responding to?  “There are multiple threads forming the here and the now.” #2
4: Why have you chosen this Proposition? Initially, Stuart and I independently wanted to implement something faith related into our project. Upon further discussion we decided to work together. We chose to use proposition 2 as we thought that this statement allowed for a multifaceted approach to what we want to do, which is explore as many places along and around K Rd that implement what we consider an act of kindness upon people, whether this be providing a place of refuge or shelter for people, food, clothing, conversations, help services etc. 
5: What is the Outcome format you have selected? Video.
6: Why have you chosen that format? Initially, I considered going into ‘exhibition’ but after some deeper thinking I changed my final decision to that of ‘video’. My thinking was that, last semester, I had a chance to somewhat explore exhibition through the paper project. This time, I am looking to further explore technology based apps and platforms (Premiere Pro, After Effects etc) in order to strengthen this part of my work. 

 7: Is there a specific question that underlies your Group Project? “How can we implement our Christian faith into the K Rd project?” “What do we consider as an act of kindness and why?”
8: What do you currently know about the issue, topic, idea or field that you want to investigate? 

We know that we want to incorporate our faith into the K Rd project.
We know that we want to explore doing this through acts of kindness as our starting point.
We know that our final output is in video format.
So far, we know about Lifewise Merge Cafe & Baptist Tabernacle being two places where acts of kindness occur, and in turn, affect K Rd. I am also interested in St.Kevin’s Arcade and am eager to find out what else is around too! 

9: What is the story of Karangahape Road that you wish your group to tell? 

Because both Stuart and I want to include our Christian faith into our K Rd story, we were thinking of what faith really means to us.

  • Selflessness
  • Love and Kindness
  • Humility
  • Servant heart
  • Welcoming to all walks of life
 Matthew 20:28Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”
In saying all of the above, we felt spurred into exploring more of the ‘unseen’ or ‘unheard of’ aspects to K Rd, through subjects such as Acts of Kindness as our starting point. I also interpret this as what places around K Rd provide refuge or spaces for comfort or help services for particular peoples or anyone around? 
Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.40.20 PM.png

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