Sales and Marketing.

After having gained an insight into sales and marketing, I have been enlightened as to the significance of applying basic business models and principles in correspondence to our creative design practices. In the wider world, there will be many various creative students applying for jobs with x employers…and such employers will be looking critically not only at work ethic and quality, but also for knowledge within business practices. In saying this, we were asked to draw up what we thought were appropriate skills for a creative to learn in their tertiary study.

  • Make, draw
  • Technology based skills
  • Presentational skills
  • Conceptualise, develop and finalise ideas
  • Be creative thinkers/solution based thinkers
  • Research skills/critial thinking skills
  • Aquire self confidence, establish social networking connections between professionals and peers and build a portfolio (exit outcomes)

This semester is far more focused on the world of business which is valuable information for our futures. In saying this, Cris wants to push our understanding of sales and marketing tactics further by implementing an in class assignment: to build and run an e commerce website. At first, I felt pretty excited about this prospect, as it does allow for me to apply the theory into hands on work – which I find to be a far more valuable learning experience. Yet, I am also a bit anxious in regards to the work load on top of our other project…but once again, this will provide yet another learning curve for allocating time between ongoing projects.

“Final assignment would be to write up about experience of running an e commerce based enterprise.”

In the past, I have put some of my craft work out there and used Facebook as a means of doing so. It was really only for my friends and family to see my products to buy form me, and I have not yet looked into how I could launch this on a wider scale.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 3.15.58 PM.png

Here are some notes I jotted down for further reference…

  • Social media/digital marketing are very relevant in todays E-Commerce type world…
  • “We live in a society of surplus” …material/monetary disposal multiple suppliers
  • “The art of ‘telling’ – how to cut through all the noise in order to make your brand/product stand out. Make a statement; tell the statement. Public relations (other people advocating the item).
  • Targeted: Marketing/telemarketing/PR/Advertising/graphic design/branding
  • The four P’s: Product/price/place/promotion + people process physical evidence

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