Drawing for analysis.

Throughout the week I have been responding to our in class assignment by generating a variety of A3 drawings. During class, Paul suggested that as well as experimenting with site drawings, creating visual maps could be a fun and rewarding opportunity too. I liked this avenue, and decided to explore making abstract maps that hold a significant meaning to me and my research pathway for the project….I also spent a few hours sketching on site at the Baptist Tabernacle and opposite St. Kevin’s Arcade.

Now, I’ll explain my drawings individually…

The two site drawings of St. Kevin’s Arcade and the Baptist Tabernacle: I chose to draw St Kevin’s Arcade because for part of my research, I am looking at the spacial environment of this place – predominantly how the cafes largely occupy this space with homely attachments such as chairs with blankets, sofas, potted plants etc. Upon observation, I can see that this space has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and provides a hub for rest, casual chats and refuge for anyone who enters. In regards to the Tabernacle, I once partook in an event with this church, “LoveThisCity” and we went around K Rd (and other off streets) providing acts of kindness and care to anyone and everyone! It was a great event and I am interested in what the churches around K Rd provide for this area.

My abstract collage map: I made this map by fading the colour of my photos, printing them off and collaging them together. I wanted to do this to demonstrate that K Rd isn’t just a singular entity, but in fact so varied in its personality; from its people, places, spacial environments – there is a lot to explore! The map is colourful just because I wanted to have some fun – but the red dots point out places where I’ve identified acts of kindness thus far. This map can show Stuart and I how much we’ve found so far, where we could potentially look and will demonstrate our progress in the future.

My heart shaped map: I made this map to visualise our ethos behind “HappyACTcidents”. We believe that an act of kindness is an act of love, respect, care for others. I wanted to reshape a map into a heart and use lines and blocks to depict the area of/around K Rd. I used warm colour tones to depict the feelings of love, kindness, worth, compassion, friendliness etc.

Quick cafe map/sketches: As I spoke about above, I am highly interested in places/spaces of refuge around K Rd that sent out feelings of welcomeness to anyone who visits. These places are so relaxed and inviting, they have drawn me in – I am currently conducting interviews with Bestie Cafe, Burger Bar and Forte Greene. These places also inspired me to find MORE places that offer the same attributes too.

Overall, I have found that exploring K Rd through visitations, photography and now through drawings has been of great benefit to me. These processes have definitely opened my eyes to how multifaceted K Rd is. I realise now that acts of kindness do not just have to be physical acts performed by people, but can also be reflected in the spacial environments from businesses along this area. I am excited to investigate more.

Here are my final A3 images!

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