‘Techno Mashup’ and Pitch.

For this lesson, I was meant to bring in at least one technological device for the in class exercise. I’ll be honest; this completely slipped my mind even though I did read Dan’s reminder email! Luckily for me I did have my laptop and phone on me which also hold an array of apps. Our aim was to work in our project teams and combine our items into a new mashed up technology. Stuart and I combined my gaming app ‘Steam’ and music app ‘Spotify’ with his headset and the cylindrical shape of his water bottle. What weird and whacky mash up did we make from these you ask? The Steam Pipe!


Together we mulled over our items and thought that it would be kind of cool to make a portable speaker device that connects via wifi, data or bluetooth in order to connect to the internet and play music, or to sync into offline playlists and play music. BUT, our device is not just the average portable speaker; it has a camera which projects out your integrated music apps as well as the built in gaming Steam app. This means PC gamers can now have a mini PC screen platform on the go to interact with.

Here are the functionalities that we wrote up:

  • 2x vertical firing bass drivers -one above and one below for maximised surface playback
  • 360° tweeter drivers provide the user with surround sound playback
  • Projected holographic interactive interface
  • Music player syncs with your device, iTunes library or Spotify account via wifi, data connection etc
  • Steam support allows you to trade, access the Steam Store, chat, and stream in-game sessions from friends
  • Projects keyboard interface when needing to type

In working with what we had at the time, we thought it was a pretty decent outcome. What I found most valuable about this exercise was that we took what we view as ordinary objects form our everyday lives, then thought ‘how can we merge these items into something new?’. This really helped to stimulate fresh thinking processes, and in turn, allowed us to generate an innovative idea. In pitching our mash up to the class, we are also reinforcing what we think we know about the product, and are practising our skills at selling something to a particular audience.


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