Illustrator: Part Two.

At first, this lesson frustrated me, as I had some trouble figuring out how to apply colour to the gradient tool – at first it wouldn’t allow me to change the greyscale mode no matter what I tried. I ended up looking at a tutorial on youtube and it helped me to see that I needed to go into the colour panel and change the which swatches and colour mode was on.

Once I got around this obstacle, I used the rectangle and gradient tools to create a background. I used warm green and yellow colours to reflect the African savannah. In using the rectangle tool, I also discovered the flare tool. I thought this was a pretty neat add on effect for my image, just to add more depth and break up the heavy block of colour above my zebra. Below is my process with captions describing them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here is my final outcome:


I tried to use to view the Illustrator tutorials wit hey login, however no matter what, it won’t let me log in!? Not sure why, but I’ll have to remember to ask Carsten about this! I am really interested din learning more about this programme as I feel it allows for a great potential in producing lovely, crisp work.


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