Project: Week Two.

We have now received our project brief and have allocated ourselves into groups. In the end, I chose to put myself into video. I had initially thought of going into exhibition but went against this idea as I’d already had a taste of this from last semesters work. This time, I want to further explore video and its technological capabilities in order to challenge myself and discover new possible interests and/or skills.

Stuart felt similar to me, and we both are interested in exploring the same things about K Rd: Where do acts of kindness occur? What makes it a homely and welcoming place to many? In saying this, we’ve joined together to form a team of two. Our team name is yet to be formulated, but we’ll think of something eventually. Our Basecamps were not set up yet, so we’ve both been talking over Facebook about where we could begin researching. I’m hoping our Basecamps will be made soon so that we can start to put info on there too.

When we left our class session, we both went into our studio room to set up a workspace of our own as well as begin to plan out our project and research plans. Here are some images from today:

Later that evening, I went out to The Great Light Way event with my boyfriend and we walked around enjoying the lights, nightlife and small events going on.

It was really valuable scouring the streets at night, especially with a special event on, as it really added to the magic and atmosphere of the place. It showed me how hard the residents work to showcase their shops and artistic interests, as well as bring some fun for locals and visitors alike. The street looked so different lit up with its colourful neon signs and street lamps; the air was buzzing with chatter, music and cars brushing past. Interesting characters appear at this time too – youth with hipster and alternative looks hanging in groups, buskers and much more. It was a great photographic opportunity – I sifted through over 300 photographs, and narrowed them down into the ones I have here.

These are now also on Basecamp.


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