Research Practice.

This morning we were introduced to our ICA for Story Worlds; to build up a portfolio of research in regards to our team projects. I feel as though I really got a lot out of today’s lesson, predominantly from the extensive insight into research practice methods. One of which was the Google engine searching techniques to which I had not been aware of! Now I know to type in a vast array of commands that will allow for Google to quickly direct oneself to the most useful sources required. This is very helpful indeed, as it will speed up the online researching process immensely. This also works for the Unitec library system.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 12.03.52 AM.png

What was reiterated was the fact that we are all researchers; it is natural for us to be exploratory in our daily lives – to engage ourselves in experimentations that in turn provide us with insight into fact vs fiction, success vs failure and so on. When it comes to collecting research together, there are many methodologies that will provide us with various outcomes. In most cases, it is best to start with a hypothesis and/or an open question. I quite enjoy researching and discovering new ways in which to collect data or information and am thinking of making a physical collection of my research to hand in. I think I should also post it to Basecamp so that Stuart and I can share our resources easily.

Something else that stuck with me was the word diegesis. This took me back to media studies as we discussed the differences between diegetic and non diegetic sound, and how these elements incorporate meaning into their story world.

“To distinguish between different kinds of information that a text (a story, for example) gives us. Some of that information comes from the world of the story, and some comes from outside the story.” – Scott


It was interesting to look at Adam Savage’s viewpoint on cosplay. Having done a few cosplays in the past myself, I completely understand that there is a deeper reasoning as to why people place days, weeks, even months worth of effort into recreating a character to dress up in – if only for a day. It is because perhaps we look up to that character, we view them as a hero or role model…or perhaps we may identify our own personal traits with the characters. Sometimes it could be about escapism: maybe we just want to be the hero for once, or have the ability to wield a huge weapon, change our physical features and attributes. Either way, they have established a significant connection with us in one way or another and we want to combine our story with theirs.

Once again, I’ve talked too much! Here’s the reflective task I’m meant to be posting about:

In making last week’s influential tree, I realised why I am feeling stifled by some of the content in the BCE course, such as the Enterprising Professional and Perspective class. I am a very imaginative person -I am heavily influenced and inspired by visual artists and music; practical actions that require movement. Emerging technologies and business talk tires me out, and in fact, stifles and reduces my engagement and thinking. I realise that this is why I am frustrated with those classes….now I am just venting.

I think that the best place to start expanding upon the interests that I have would simply be to create, make, draw, paint DO! I enjoy researching for this very reason – research is a part of trial and error, experimentation, making and DOING. I am constantly interested in the artists and designers that I follow, for they are always producing new and exciting things which refuels my own inspiration…


Work by Lora Zombie


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