Photography for analysis.

Last Thursday for our first ‘Project’ class, we explored the streets of Karangahape Road, taking photographs of artefacts that were of interest to us. During class today, we focused on photography in regards to the site exploration last week. I think that photographs provide quick starting points for inspiration later on. The lens allowed me to look through a narrow field of vision, forcing my eye to completely concentrate on what it was viewing. This helped me to break down the wide-ranging components of the street as I found myself focusing on what captured my attention the most through the lens, as opposed to being distracted at everything if I were to simply walk and view the road as a passer by.

These are the final set of photographs I took that morning on K Rd (I have also posted these to Basecamp and Week1 Project here on WordPress).

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I found myself naturally photographing images of shop signs/logos, street views and architecture. For me, the shop signs and logos add to the varying personalities and flavour that is found on K rd; they tell stories of who lives there and what the shops may hold within. They provided a feeling of good design and quirky avenues worth exploring. The churches provided some intriguing architectural angles, as did St. Kevins Arcade. I feel they both show age and history; as well as looking like places of refuge and comfort for the public and people of all walks of life. In St. Kevins Arcade, there was a buzzing cafe culture; places with tables and chairs to rest, cushions and blankets, an electric fire burning, people chatting and lunching away from the rain. All these aspects to K Rd spoke to me on a homely level; managing to communicate a sense of friendliness, homeliness and an overall sense of feeling welcomed and belonging.

Having only passed through on the bus into town, as well as a couple times before, I hadn’t truly noticed these qualities before, and now I feel more inspired to look at the places of K rd that are of refuge and comfort, as well as spots where natural acts of kindness occur for people passing through, as well as locals to K Rd. It could be a unique take on this project!

Both Paul and Rowena emphasised that Karangahape Road is a complex creature that changes in accordance to the days and times of week. So later on in the week I’m going to visit K Rd at night for the “First Thursdays: The Great Light Way”. 

Here are some pics of my 10 chosen photos up on our studio wall:




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