Intro to: Enterprising Professional.

This morning entailed our first day in the new Enterprising Professional class and meeting our new lecturer – Dr. Cris de Groot. To briefly skim over the morning; Cris introduced us into today’s subject Project Management for Creatives’ by at first explaining his own professional background.

What stuck with me the most was his analogy about an innovative scuba diving mouth piece he had made, which in turn ended up providing the business with a large return due to the French Navy becoming a high paying customer so to speak. He’d used this story to demonstrate a point; that to understand one’s creative practice is of course necessary, but that to understand the language of business is dire in order to make a profit on your work, if for yourself or the team as a whole. in understanding business concepts, a creative practitioner can learn to freelance successfully, and/or get alongside partners from other sectors and work together! 

“Be a designer that can have a design conversation with an accountant – know where you are and what your process is.” – Cris de Groot

If a project can be planned and examined in advance of its schedule, as well as be adhered to, then it will most likely be far more achievable. We examined the Gantt Chart and how this is used within professional project management. Afterwards, we had our own go at etching out what a potential schedule in regards to our own project management might look like and entail in its process.


After today I feel eager to learn a new series of skills and methodologies in regards to business and entrepreneurship, as last semester’s class focused more on self professionalism, whereas this time around the content is more strategy based; wider-world focused.



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