Perspective: Welcome back.

This semester in Perspective, it seems that we are stepping up the notch by allowing for extra curricular learning via guest lecturers, creative entrepreneurs and possible workshops. Dan has voiced that such opportunities will likely be booked in for Friday afternoons to allow for second years to join us in these sessions. I am quite interested in this endeavour as it allows for me to hear and learn from outside influences that I otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

We examined an ‘Internet Trends Report’ by Mary Meeker (2016) by splitting up its sections and digging out some stand out facts from the analysis report. Frances and I looked into the advertising section, and wrote down the key facts that we thought were most relevant to share back to the class.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 8.39.32 PM

What Frances and I found that was most intriguing was that the steady growth of internet advertising owes a lot to the mobile platform, as opposed to PC platforms. We believe this is because mobile platforms are portable devices, therefore allowing consumers to watch shows on the go, Youtube channels, stream music and so on. Such applications allow for advertising revenues to take place! Of course we also found that Google and Facebook are great resources for online advertising to coexist and work themselves into our daily norms. However, the efficacy of such advertising still has “a long way to go”, for various reasons such as the fact that people often have the choice to scroll past, mute, skip or switch tabs when ads are showing/playing. This means it is up to companies to play a bit more strategically with their advertisements.

A good example of this would be Spotify: their free service will always play an avert after a certain amount of played music. it is an ad which cannot be skipped and must be played through in order for the program to continue playing your music. This type of advertising gives the consumer an incentive to pay for their premium service which eliminates ads/interuptions.



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