Illustrator: Part One.

After this mornings lesson, I was really keen to continue making the in class exercise; to create a piece of vector art using the pen and/or pencil tools. I have had some exploratory practice with Illustrator in the past, but am honestly a novice to this program and have not  been taught about it professionally.

I understand about the difference between pixel vs vector based artworks in regards to their resolution capabilities and also the way in which paths work with the pen tool. However, I had no idea that the pencil tool existed! It was pretty cool to discover, as the pencil tool gives you free reign when drawing while the pen tool relies on where you click for the points to go.

In saying this, after going home I took out my drawing tablet, and used the stylus in conjunction with the pencil tool to draw my zebra outlines ‘freehand’. Below are screenshots of my progress – please read the small captions on each image in the slide as they provide a small description on my progress.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Zebra Week1

Ta da! There’s my final image above! I am quite happy with the outcome, as this is my first time producing an image with the pencil and paint bucket tools! I found this activity to be a good starting point in learning a bit more about Illustrator and the way in which its tools interact with one another. I really that this program is fairly complex, but if I watch the Lynda tutorials, that will provide me with more tips and tricks.


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