Project: Week One.

This grey, drizzly morning we met up with Paul at the Ironbank for our first glimpse into the project. Our goal was to walk along the street, side streets and discover some of the nooks and crannies of Karangahape Road.

The rain worsened, covering the streets in a slick glimmer. Stuart, Bailey and I spent a good few hours walking around, ducking in and out of the rain, exploring K Rd as well as side streets such as Pitt Street, upper Queen Street, Hopetoun Street, Ponsonby and so on. Although it is early into the project, the three of us talked about what we might like to do. Stuart and I were really interested in exploring what sort of Christian things happen around K Rd…or what sort of acts of kindness occur either from churches or shops/people/businesses along K Rd. So the three of us took some photographs of a few churches and noted where abouts they’re located.

I also took photographs of things that captured my attention, and that seemed to stand out or incorporate a certain personality to K Rd…such as logos for shop signs, the streets themselves, architectural and sculptural structures. My eye is naturally drawn into typography, shapes and patterns and I would say that K Rd is full of interesting personalities which are portrayed through their visual design elements. Thus far, its all just having a look at what is actually around in order to draw inspiration from…I have actually only passed through K Rd on the bus as well as walked along it twice before: one time to make my way to Paradish Chinese restaurant, the other was for an organised event called Love This City.

It was good to actually venture along the streets during daylight hours to see a different side of this fascinating road. I later sat down to go through my photos, and edit them into black and white photos on Adobe Bridge. Here is a mosaic of my final set.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 8.50.45 PM.png


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