Intro to: Story Worlds.

Scotts introductory lesson into Story Worlds was the first official class to kick off semester two! Having a recap into the contextual crux of Introduction to Story (now Story Worlds) proved to be rather beneficial for me as the conversation renewed my hunger for learning, developing and implementing research and other such relevant knowledge into my wider practice.

Discussing Scotts thoughts in relation to the classes final reflection feedback was very insightful too; I really appreciated that our feedback was taken on board and do enjoy the use of group discussions throughout our lesson. This helps our minds to further ponder upon and engage on the content and follow up questions provided in class. It’s much better than having a really quiet class!

A few other things that I found of value from this lesson was the emphasis upon ‘stealing like an artist’. I feel that nothing is truly original as every new idea had to derive and build itself upon other previous ideas, stories and facets of life. Is this stealing with intent? No, I don’t think so. The human mind naturally recycles; inspiration is drawn from every aspect of life; whether it be from past, present or an insight into the future. We do remix and mash up our thoughts, experiences and encounters into what we think are brilliant new ideas! Even our outcomes that don’t work so well are valuable – for we can learn from their failings!


This brings me into our ICA: Create a ‘family tree’ of your individual influences (people / ideas / key texts). Using InDesign, I created this visual chart below.

story wk1.jpg

Starting from the top left: Jesus is what I aim to make the centre of in my life, whether it be in my work, ideas, behaviours or actions. I placed him here in the top left as we read from left to right! Next to this is a bible verse to represent the word of God. Following on from this are some of my various favourite worship artists: Hillsong United, Colton Dixon and Josh Garrels. I placed these next to the word of God, for they’re obviously influenced by this too. Next – God’s Fingerprints – a creative couple who’s designs are centred around their faith. Then I moved down to my top three favourite artists: Kerby Rosannes (Sketchy Stories), Mulga and Lora Zombie. Their art is very illustrative and heavily inspired through nature. Then we move onto Alicja Zmysłowska; one of my favourite animal photographers! Lastly, I used a plant to depict nature as yet another influence.

Whilst creating my visual board, I can see that I am heavily influenced by creative artists – predominantly that of musicians and visual artists. I feel that this is because I am a big dreamer; I love to inspect nature and enjoy the beauty within its complexity as well as its vast arrays of colour. All of my visual artists create imagery that is detailed, yet childlike  in their drawing style, and use of mediums. In terms of music, I am very open minded. I can sit down and enjoy some sweet guitar riffs from Joe Satriani, then switch to some Stromae and then Hillsong United. I find music to be a way of unlocking emotions that entice my imagination into inspiration…woah! Music heavily inspires what I want to draw. As does my creator God. I feel that all of my main influences tie into one another and somehow this makes me feel quite rounded.


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