Semester Two Begins.

This afternoon marked the first official day of semester two. Paul introduced new mid intake students into our group, then moved onto revealing our new project brief. This semester, we’ll be working for a real stake holder; the┬áKarangahape Road Business Association, which sounds rather intriguing. Paul’s discussion has left me with the impression that each class for our course will aim to integrate the project directly into their ICA work, which will help me immensely in regards to organisation on WordPress. This also means that my attention shouldn’t be overly divided, for the majority of work will correlate/crossover into the larger K Rd project!

I am curious to learn more about the new project platform Basecamp; we will be discussing this further along in the next couple of weeks. I also have to contemplate which of the three project outputs I wish to join: Exhibition, Publication or Video…we will be venturing to K rd for a photographic ‘site scout’ tomorrow morning…perhaps my mind will be made up when I immerse myself in this inspirational exploration of the area!

Signing off for now,

Sophie W.


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