Over the past week, I have been developing my original concept of an origami ‘Ball of Eden’ with hanging doves, as posted back in week 12. With some research under my belt, I have been able to go away and draw up various concepts of my own personalised kusudama ball. I originally had the idea of a rose ball in mind, after having viewed this tutorial: I went away and started with this shape as a conceptual idea. However, I want to challenge myself rather than just following a single tutorial. So, I looked up various shapes of flowers that can be made, and began to create my own ball bouquet concepts.  I also drew different types of dove origami too.

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Final Idea.

At first, I tried to make a flower ball with just the original flower pieces shown below, but they were a bit large and I didn’t quite like the shape of it because its not round. So this is what it looked like: trial and error number one(see photos below)! After having tried to stick these flower pieces together into a ball shape, I’d made them too large…so I recreated my idea. I bought a foam ball and then began making smaller versions of the rose and traditional flower shapes to stick into the foam sphere instead.

This black and white slideshow below demonstrates the steps for each origami process i did end up using on my final design: The original origami “5 tier flower”, the rose and the dove.

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Here is another slideshow of my progress in making the flowers. This was a very time consuming process; I had to cut A4 paper down to small square sizes. I had to make five petals for one 5 tiered flower, so I made over 100 petals for this flower alone. Then these pieces needed to be glued together too. Although it took hours upon hours to make, I really enjoyed this exercise and widening my knowledge in origami. All photos are below.

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Moving onto my dove origami and pattern creation! This part is really fun because I used shaving foam and paints to make a marbled pattern imprint onto white sketching paper. This paper was then dried and later used to make up my doves! This home D.I.Y version of paper marbling is really easy and gives a good result. I enjoyed making patterns this way because the outcome is essentially random. I used golds, silvers and greys because I wanted my doves to have subtle and special colours.

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All that needs doing now is to stick my doves onto the string, then wait for a clear day to take photographs of my final product over at the church gardens!


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