Team project: Final touches.


I have never seen so many triangles in my life than I have over this past week! Lately, I and some of the team have been taking home a lot of triangle models to cut out and build together, so that we could quickly cover our wall. It is now Monday of week14, and tomorrow evening (June 14), we are due to be a part of Joe and Reecy’s Paper Exhibition open night. After a lot of hard work the underwater installation is ready for its debut!  The wall doesn’t look entirely as we had planned for, but I would say that we’ve adapted it into a far better visualisation anyway. We had to change a few things due to some unexpected bumps along the way. One major change would be the way in which our triangles are displayed upon the wall. At first, we had planned to cover the whole sea level in lines of triangles. However, in the end the process of making the triangles was lengthy, and we began to run out of paper. In an estimated calculation, Amin discovered we would need I think it was over 800 more triangles, which meant a whole lot more money for paper and printing. Not only this, but time was something we were aware of in week 13, as we really wanted to have the wall ready for the Paper Exhibition. So instead of filling out the whole wall, we chose to place the triangles up in sections, and fill the spaces with schools of my angelfish. This actually provided the overall design with a more dynamic aesthetic; the wall looked more like waves bobbing, with fish swimming amongst them.

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Over the past couple of days, Charlie and I stuck my koi onto skewers so they could pop out from amounts the rocks. Esther and Charlie made a jellyfish each; Esther added her starfish and shells to the installation too. With the sea life thriving amongst the browns, greens and blues, our wall was beginning to look very colourful and harmonious as pattern began to draw the eye to particular places. A few weeks back, John came to visit and he’d joked around that we should get sand for the floor….so we did!!! We sent Amin on a mission to get some sand from the local beach. This was yet another textural touch that further emphasised our overall look.

In regards to the net, Renee did start it, but Charlie and Esther finished the bulk of it. Renee hung it up for us, but the next day (Tuesday 14) me and Esther started to fill it with rubbish and further secure it with more tape. In the end, we changed our idea of making paper mache rubbish, and simply used plastics and iconic rubbish like Mc Donald’s  and Starbucks cups/wrappers. We made this decision in order to create a stark contrast between the beautiful, organic and natural incorporation of paper for our environment/sea life. The plastic made it feel like a metaphorical invasion of space; that it was obvious the paper sea was polluted by waste. Here is a clip of our final touches over the last couple of days.


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