Team Project: Let the origami, begin!

Okay, this blog is going to contain A LOT of photographs! Over the past couple of days I have been out and about sourcing lovely textured, patterned paper for the origami koi and angelfish. I really wanted to explore the qualities and possibilities of different paper thicknesses, gsm’s, textures and patterns with my fish to make this part really fun.Being into scrapbooking and book making, I also had some flat patterned paper as well as home made marble paper ready to use too! I decided it would be a good idea to make a wee Vlog to show off some of the paper aquired.

If you would like to view my proof of film editing process, click the link here:


Above are two large picture boards I’ve made on Photoshop of all the shots I took demonstrating each step on how to make the koi fish up! As mentioned in my previous post, it took me a while testing out various methods found on the internet. But then I stumbled across this tutorial:, which I managed to understand quite quickly! Once making the fish became intuitive, the whole process was really relaxing and enjoyable. The art of paper folding also provided a more intimate insight as to how each texture felt; folding thicker rougher papers took more delicacy than say the smoother, flat papers. It was really fun to get involved in an art process that I haven’t explored in the past too! Making origami fish has really struck a newfound interest for 3D paper objects within me. In the end, the result of the fish was so pleasing to me and I ended up getting over excited and taking a lot of pictures!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I got a bit to caught up in my newfound love for origami that I didn’t spend as much time taking shots of the angelfish! I was so excited and just ended up sticking them on the wall without considering that they needed more photos too. But at least I took some! In one of the photos above you will also see that my cat, Misty, also enjoyed trying to eat *cough* I mean help me with my origami!

Sidenote: The photographs presented are a mixture of images taken this week and from later down the track when the wall was completed.

fish @ uni_19


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