Culture, Context and Communication.

Once again we touched upon the digital device and further explored the notion of frugal innovation. We opened with this really inspiring video about an Indian corn roaster who grew weary of fanning the corn with his hands; fair enough because it really buggers up your wrists! He wondered how he could change his situation to make his life easier. Using tools and simple methods to which he knew, and voila! A battery powered fan was made that stands at an angle just right for heating the corn.

Similar to last week’s ICA, I am revisiting my design object. this time we are posed with questions in relation to redundancy vs entropy.

How did you include redundancy and entropy in your design process?

My Apple iTraceLite can be seen as redundant in the sense that the idea of a tablet restricted to the size of an A4 paper means that the light box feature is limiting. Although it aimed to reduce space by eliminating the larger, heavier light boxes…there are in fact thinner light boxes that are able to be stored in cupboards now. As well as this, people often use their pc screens or nearby windows to trace images as well. The risk could be that the demographic might not see the hype in the light box features after all.

On the other hand, I don’t think my object was highly entropic at all; the user wouldn’t have to learn anything very difficult or new, as the functions of the tablet were simply to allow the user to draw on paper with the tools they enjoyed atop the tablet surface (this in conjunction with one if its apps would translate the drawing into a digital copy on a shared devices screen…iTraceLite using bluetooth to communicate with Macbook) and to have the tracing function. The tablet is simply an aid and respects the skill sets of its users.

I hope that we will learn more about these things next semester, in order to continue strengthening an understanding of our wider world; our lives are enriched with an array of contexts that are ours to interpret, engage within, change, to be immersed in.


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