Presentation Preparations.

This morning John and Rowena informed us that our NoHo Marae presentations would entail a fifteen minute conversation with the audience, including interactive Q & A time and of course, our final filmed project. In order to prepare the class for this upcoming event, John posed the question “What makes a good presentation?”  To answer this, we split off into our teams and began writing down various answers.

After so many minutes, the class shared our ideas into a collective list written out on the whiteboard. A lot of key factors were pointed out; such as clear speech, confident posture and relevant, straight forward information. I note that each point on the board could be categorised into two specific titles: Personal physical attributes and Theoretical/Visual knowledge. So, by this I mean to say the way in which the presenter carries themselves and the way in which the presenter brings forward their information; through visuals, quotes, text, an analogy etc.

Talking about this was all well and good, but of course to put principles into action is far more effective. Therefore john and Rowena encouraged each of us to stand before the class to present ourselves with our name, birthplace and…what is the strangest food we have ever eaten. Rowena was cool enough to start us off, which was a good ice breaker for those who may have been feeling quite nervous. At first, I felt the usual initial flip in my stomach at the dreaded thought of standing before the class…but after a while this subsided into only a small amount of nerves.

It was a good and safe environment to practices public speaking, and the feedback was really good to hear as it can only help to improve the flaws that we have. After a small break, we continued to talk amongst our teams in regards to our NoHo presentations; tossing around ideas on what we would say, how we would present the affair and so on.


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