Praxis of Sound Design.

Last week after class, I took some time to go through the links that Carsten had placed up on Moodle, in order to prepare myself for the upcoming sound editing class. I found out that we must record two sound bites for ourselves, in order to practice this skill. We are also allowed to source some exisiting sound bites if we wish. I got to work by grabbing my camera and using its in built microphone to pick up the sounds that I needed; a kettle boiling, water being poured and the clinking of a spoon against a tea cup. This was easily done at home, as I had all of the necessary tools to complete this.

I was really happy with my recording results, as the sounds came out clear and without much buzzing noise at all. In order to get the sound of a lid popping open and being closed, as well as the sound of a person sipping a drink then sighing/sounding satisfied, I simply went onto the FreeSound website that Carsten had suggested in the Moodle links. Here I found what I was looking for and placed it into my film for editing. My finished product is shown below.

Here are some screenshots demonstrating my progress in sound editing. I played around with the treble and bass effects, as well as using keyframes to fade sounds out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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