Team project: lets get fishy!

So, I have been busy in my evenings researching and drawing up concepts in regards to the main marine life of our project: the fish. Now that our project has changed, so too will the way in which I create the fish because the environment and scale is different. I have revisited the internet for imagery that would support my drawings, and have decided to go with the koi and an angelfish design, for their shapes are rather easy to construct in a paper format (they do not have a lot of difficult fins such as the lion fish). Below are images I looked at to help me draw up my own representations of the fish.


Visualisation of koi, angelfish and anatomy

P Fish inspiration

Paper fish inspiration

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I drew my koi and angelfish from various angles so that my mind and hands could gain a wider understanding of each fish’s make up. I thought this would help me when it came to the paper making process. At first I drew up a series of small thumbnail fish in various shapes. This was an exploration of what geometric shapes could come together and form a fish body. I then drew two larger concepts on the right of this page: a fish with triangle papers collaged onto it or an origami fish.

In the end origami is what I thought would suit the project best. It will nicely tie into the existing geometrics of our triangle wall, and will make for a slick creature that will rest nicely against the crispiness of the rock wall. Many hours of researching and watching through/testing origami tutorials came into play before I finally managed to find two that worked well for a beginner such as myself.

This document shows a list of websites visited for research on origami: Research links

Here are my first two successful prototypes of a koi and angelfish below!



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