Team Project: Moving onward.

With week 12 having now drawn to a close, I am constantly aware of what we have left to do. I wrote up a list of things with the chalk piece so that we can visibly see what we need to check off. As you can see from my previous post; Esther, Charlie, Amin and I have been working steadily on wall repairs, as well as simply finishing its construction.

Yesterday (Thursday 2nd June) the four of us completed rock wall *sigh of relief*. Upon standing back to view our achievement, I must say it is looking really good! It has also been encouraging to hear positive feedback from the lecturers as they drop in to visit. Soon after this, Amin made up the cellulose paste pulp, and we began to paste blue paper as a backdrop onto the wall. This is to ensure that no white spaces will be visible through the geometric triangle waves. In the meantime, Charlie, Esther and Renee kept cutting out and gluing together more of these. Speaking of triangles, that is the next step we have been working hard on; after todays efforts in the project room I took a while bunch of triangles home to cut out, fold and glue together. All this talk of triangles has surely influenced our current eating patterns: Amin kindly shouted us pizza again for lunch, which was great!

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This week also entailed a group meeting with Joe and Reecy at the Long Black Cafe in regards to an exhibition night that would showcase our classes work. We all agreed that due to our current deadlines, Tuesday 14th June would be the best evening to hold such an event. Upon leaving the meeting, I began to think of all of the objectives our team needs to tackle, and I asked Renee whether she could please start the net. I am a bit disappointed that this hasn’t happened as the net is a crucial element to our overall design. It will definitely need to be completed by the end of this coming week. I also need finish drawing my developments on the origami fish ideas and find a tutorial that works best. I have a fair amount of drawings and research thus far. Amin needs to sort out projectors and lighting, Charlie will be focusing on editing and Esther wants to make some paper shells and starfish. As well as making the net, Renee should also start to paper mache rubbish for it too.

We’ve got a lot to do, and little time to do it in. So my goal for the week is to make sure that the team is focused and that we work together to get the job done. Staying positive and keeping up communication is key to moving onward.

(I took a few screenshots as I forgot to film my computer screen this time around)!


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