Team Project: Rock wall progression.

Thursday May 26: This morning we had our usual meeting in the homeroom, then wandered off to our projects. After some recounting of team expenditures, Amin and I discussed what more we needed to buy such as clear tape and coloured paper for more 3D triangles. I am so pleased to say that our rock wall is finally taking shape texturally.After a long day of consistent work, half of the wall has been completed! Thankfully we’d managed to score a large roll of brown paper which is exactly what we needed more of.


*Took a quick snap of Thursdays discussion on due dates*

The rest of the day consisted of Charlie filming various angles with a roaming camera, Esther and Amin making some more triangles and myself working on the rock wall. After a while, both Esther and Amin joined in on sticking the textured brown paper to the cardboard with me, which I was really grateful for because as they say, many hands make light work; so much progress was made today. Charlie also got involved in tearing up pieces of brown paper, scrunching it for us to use.

Today we had a Dominos pizza run for lunch, which was a nice treat for me. In our lunch break we talked about the sea wall; we’re thinking of putting up blue papers so that none of the white wall will show through. Paul had also said this was a good idea too. We will likely just buy another hue of blue paper to work cohesively with our wall.

We all left at about 4.00pm today; I am so pooped but it was worth it! Amin and I want to get back in there next Monday after classes to continue finishing that wall. Then I can finally move onto making fish which I am really looking forward to. I’ve already drawn out my concepts and developments for them, and have decided to go with trying out origami! This would be something I can do both at home and uni, so it should be quite fast to make…I’m also taking triangles home to help with making them up faster for our team!

Monday May 30/Wednesday June 1: This week we’ve been eager to get the wall finished so Charlie, Amin, Esther and I have made a point of team working toward the end goal. It has taken longer than expected as some of our first pieces began to come loose, due to cheaper $2 shop tape, but with our persistence, better tape and pins its all taking shape! I really like that the four of us have all chipped in on this part as its really sped up its completion!



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