Context and Innovation.

After today’s class based around context and innovation, Scott asked us to go away and reflect upon the object to which we had designed for our essays. What is the ideal audience for my object, did I pick it correctly? Well I had created what I called the iTraceLite. This is meant to be an Apple tablet device that is specially made two be used as a light box and drawing tablet with natural mediums, via the recognition technology built into the device and via apps.

The demographic/audience I had chosen to focus upon was that of male and female design undergraduate students who are using Apple products. I had chosen to focus on this group as Apple products are widely spread in classrooms and computer labs today; and Apple is the brand that fights for the predominant placement within the creative digital world. I wanted to have my object be something that would fit cohesively into the designers life, and not make it difficult to adapt to a completely different branded product with a different usability.

I think I some things that I took for granted would be that students could use other sources for light boxes such as windows. They might already have existing digital drawing tablets at home or in the class, and therefore my object might not be needed at this point in their lives. Cost would be another factor – I honestly wouldn’t know how much it would cost to buy such a device, and under such a prestigious and expensive brand…another thing I didn’t think of was narrowing my demographic further by categorising my students into digital drawing/media types; but this was because my iTraceLite allows for natural tools to be used and I wanted to keep the field open to designers who prefer to use pens, paint brushes and pencils.

My students would need to be able to afford this device; I could’ve looked more into what we learnt today – frugal innovation. I could’ve spent more time thinking about the components of my object, and what could be used that would make the device long lasting but affordable. I also assumed that this object would be made to work alongside people who are associated and have engaged in the Apple conversation. This object was exclusive to that world, and therefore blocks out others who do no own, or have access to Apple Macs and PCs. I deliberately made that decision because I wanted the product to thank Apple users and continue the creative conversation within this brands context.

It is really interesting to revisit ones original ideas; to examine them more thoroughly and realise that there is a lot that can be improved upon if this object were to be realised, or written further about.


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