Context and Innovation.

During the class this morning, some interesting points were raised through the videos that we watched. I left the class most impacted by the idea surrounding the word context in relationship to our lives and the objects within them. What struck me the most was how if one aspect of our lives or problematic situations were to be altered, it would change the context of the matter….but it would also affect the contextual responses we have to our issues. A great example used in the classroom today was that of the digital divide. I never realised just how much of the world is cut off not just from the internet, but from basic electrical power too. This means that their social contexts are far different to mine. They will not have access to a global network that allows them to share their opinions and find out what is happening around the world. It also changes their understanding of the world; their environment and the conditions of the wider world…

It was really awesome to learn that there are designers in the world who are recognising and responding to different environmental and societal contexts, and are applying their own knowledge and skills into making creations that will benefit the lives of those who do not have access to/are limited to more advanced technologies. I really liked this incubator story, so I thought it would be good to place it here for future reference. To be a great designer we must not refrain to the single story, but move deeper into our own daily lives as well as to explore the lives (and contexts) of others.



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