Form, volume and pattern: Wk 12.

To finalise our volume of work for Creativity and Design Fundamentals, we have been given a three week model making task. What with having team projects underway, I initially began to worry about meeting deadlines for all of the work. However, this is where it is time to demonstrate an ample ability to juggle workloads and manage time accordingly. 

Our team paper project has in fact ignited a newfound love for origami within me. Over the past couple of weeks, learning to make the koi and angelfish was a refreshing and brand new venture for me. Having never made origami before, I found the task to be at first exciting and challenging, then rather relaxing as it later became intuitive. Origami has indeed inspired my my idea for this three week assignment.

I would like to further explore origami by making a hanging dove mobile. Before this mornings class, I had a look at each of the links placed up on Moodle, in order to gain some understanding on what might be expected within our own work. Some important elements to consider with the design would be the placement and use of pattern and also light and shadow created from the depth and volume of the model. I went to Pinterest in search of some images to create some mood boards that visually expressed my initial idea.

bird inspire

Mobile bird/origami bird shape ideas

Inspire Brd1

Various hanging origami mobiles

Paul mentioned that one must consider the space to which they are designing for. I thought of my church and the beautiful big wooden cross outside, surrounded by golden leaved trees and how this might look in daylight photography. My mind also pondered over the lovely church community garden; it too has lovely bushy trees and a brightly painted fence full of warmth and love. The joyous outdoor setting of my church further fuelled how I could personalise and make an overall story for my idea. I would like to use the churches outdoor space as my photographic area, focusing on the theme of a ‘Garden of Eden’. I am to make a hanging mobile that celebrates the beauty of Gods garden. This will be done by creating a spherical kusudama ornament that hangs from the tree branches, with a bevy of doves hanging in a downward spiral from the sphere. The purpose of this model will be decorative; to be hung in an outdoor setting (my church gardens) as a celebratory ornament of Gods beautiful ‘Garden of Eden.’

I will name my model: ‘Ball of Eden’.

What is kusudama you might ask? It is the Japanese origami technique of joining together pyramidal units into a spherical ornament. In my research, I stumbled across this term and a series of beautiful objects…after having discovered how much I like making origami, I thought it would be great to challenge myself even further in this art. Kusudama balls also interest me further due to the way in which their geometric structure can actually bring out its own naturally formed pattern. This fact has now further developed how I will incorporate pattern into my models: 1. A naturally formed pattern made from the paper and colour structure of my kusudama ball. 2. An applied home made marble pattern to plain paper, then this paper will be used to make my origami doves.


Examples of kusudama origami

pattern inspire

Examples of marble patterns applied to paper models

Marbled paper has always intrigued me and I have made some before, so I know a quick and easy method for creating some. I enjoy the fact that these types of patterns are controlled, yet random, and that their outcomes are often very surprising and beautiful. I have a feeling that this will entail a lot of hard work, but am looking forward to setting myself such a challenge. If I can succeed, the feeling will be amazing! And for me, I am happy to be creating something that reflects my personal appreciation for Gods creation.

This weeks post was research and written based, so that you may hear and see the beginnings of my ideas. Next time, I will have drawings and prototypes ready!


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