Artspace adventure.

This afternoon the class piled into three Unitec vans and off we drove into town – more specifically – to K Road’s Artspace Gallery. This mini class trip was organised in order to expose us toward some of the art culture not far from our campus. I have passed through K Road a fair few times in the past, and have often wondered what the slim Artspace building would have hidden inside of it.

The mystery was unveiled this afternoon as we ventured into a series of works directed to that of peace and war. There we met with and listened to a few of Rowena’s old colleges and Artspace curators/workers, to whom explained what the artwork was about and how the place is run. The exhibitions change from month to month, and students are encouraged to sign up for internship or installation voluntary positions. This was an interesting insight as to how such spaces are run and how one could meet and greet with fellow creatives too.


Afterwards, the groups split off and ventured along K Road, on the prowl for interesting artworks to which this road is definitely not shy of. Whenever I’m surrounded by concrete jungles, my eyes scan the environment noticing all of the signs, patterns and designs and/or visual art. Even unintentional art can be found within the city; as the sun began to settle into a golden evening, I noticed the way in which two cranes were positioned that created a beautiful frame for the setting sky. Iff only I had my Canon camera on me at the time! It was also lovely to see fellow student Hayley’s photographs on display in town too.




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