Light and shadow: exteriors.

Today’s weather was a mixed bag of showery drizzles and filtered sunlight. This proved to be a problem for Dan, as he had hoped we would have enough time to explore shooting in dry, sunny outdoor conditions. At first we were in luck; the sun was out long enough for him to give us a run through in how we could use materials from home such as white towels or sheets to hold above our model as a bouncing board for light. We also used the big black and white reflectors, with Dan explaining how to angle them in various ways to either draw light or shadow across the facial structure.

We were supposed to continue our exploitation in outdoor lighting, but alas it began to cloud over and drizzle! In the end, we had to forfeit this idea and instead went indoors to look at some examples of how outdoor lighting has been set up and shot for film scenes. This was actually really interesting to see just what does go on behind the scenes – a lot of reflectors and artificial lighting is used to help enhance  and ensure the colouration, tone and contrast is exactly what they need.

Below are some photos I took on my Canon 500d camera, with a 50mm lens.

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