What is context? Well this word essentially refers to the series of circumstances or determining factors that work cohesively in order to ‘make meaning of’. So simply put, if I were asked what context was, my answer would be to make meaning of. The context of any given thing can most certainly be changed; if any element is changed the overall interpretation, meaning and intention is altered too. This is what were discussed today, using a few videos to further demonstrate this:

By looking into some particular music genres and how their acoustics work within various spaces, it was clearly demonstrated that the way in which aspects of designed objects are made or altered will affect the contextual reception of such an object. I remember my boyfriend once mentioning to me how the atmosphere of a rock concert he went to was dampened due to the acoustics in the Vector Arena making the guitar and drums sound rather tinny. His receptive context; and overall expectations, experience, was changed.

This funny clip here also demonstrates the notion of conceptualism within the art world, and how changes overtime have clearly affected the contexts surrounding such things. It was enjoyable having a wee yarn about this topic as it really stretches the mind into deeper thinking about the way in which we perceive objects, situations and things the way that we do.



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