Team project: Wall texturising begins!

Last night our class were notified that our Introduction to Story class had been postponed until further notice. So, I decided to seize the day, ending up at uni anyway to press onward with some project work. Once again, I set up the camera on top of the tripod and filmed me working away at texturising the cardboard boxes with brown scrunched paper. This process took a long time as I had to tear off stickers on the paper, rip it up and scrunch it tightly. I also taped and stacked more boxes together against the wall. I used both a staple gun and double-sided tape to stick the brown paper on. The tape worked a lot more effectively so I found myself using that the most. Here are some photographs I took before leaving.

I stayed til about three as I was feeling rather overtired and sore from all of the bending in a stationery position…but am pleased that I got as far as I did today. It was a good test of what methods would work best. Next time I know to use the double sided tape, and in advance to cut off a lot of strips and stick them to the boxes first. Now its time to get some rest so that I can power on with it tomorrow. Goodnight!

*Sidenote: I would just like to say that these videos I’ve been making are simply to demonstrate my progress in regards to the physical project. These videos are not meant to be expert filmic videos, but merely exist to prove my effort and work ethic within my team. Cheers! 


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