Maori entrepreneurship.

This morning we discarded the notion of group work, instead having the privilege of listening to Whiromena (a second year student in the BCE course) share here experience down in Wellington. Her story involved visiting art galleries and experiencing the diversity of local cultural artworks. This tied into our overarching point of discussion for today, which was that of Maori entrepreneurship. 

If I am honest, there was a lot of information to take in today and it proved to be a great wealth of insight into our local business world. What I took away from this class today was a newfound understanding in regards to the combination of culture within entrepreneurial businesses.

Having a look at various websites such as:

provided me with an awareness for all of the hard work that the Maori design community does together in order to push forward their cultural values, beliefs, designs and skills into local and international businesses, art works/spaces and so on.

Another guest speaker, Ngaire Molyneux (lecturer in Business Practice), further spoke upon the characteristics of Maori entrepreneurship; highlighting the fact that Maori have always had a flare for creativity and innovation due to their way of life and survival as an indigenous people. I thought this was a really intriguing avenue to talk about because great ideas are often made when there is a need to be filled. Living off of the land and having an abundant knowledge of such terrains has a manifold of advantages for creative ideas to flow and spill over into that of the entrepreneurial world today. I’m not very good at remembering the tribes that Rowena mentioned, but the point she made about Maori starting up local businesses for whale watching and tours etc was a great example of what I’m trying to say above. Its also important to engage with what stirs up passion inside of you; for these Maori collaborators, their cultural identity, nation and Whakapapa provide this awesome drive and hunger to make and do amazing things, which is simply beautiful to me.

Overall, I like the idea that cultures in general are constantly celebrated in new fascinating ways through collaboration, creativity and innovative cogs turning such ideas into physical artefacts to engage and enjoy in our world/daily lives.



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