Information architecture: Final.

Last week, I dug into some research and inspiration for that of informational design. I also drafted up large thumbnail style concepts of what my own infographic C.V, personal profile and youth group calendar could look like. For my final infographic outcome, I have decided to focus on updating and producing a personal profile poster.  I want to make my poster mixture between a personal profile and poster. I’m interested in the idea of making it have a handwritten and doodley aesthetic about it; for this is my favoured art style and would therefore provide an employer with a sense of my creative persona.

For this, I quickly drew up a rabbit character and scanned it into the computer. From here I worked in Photoshop, using the pen, brush and paint bucket tools to make a digital version of my cartoon. I used exisiting fonts found from online, and played with the shape tools to create some funky looking boxes. I then imported a marble patterned texture that I had made using shaving foam and inks, which I posterised to give it a digitalised look. After merging some layer colours together and switching the levels of opacity, the background was made. I am not the best with digital programmes and that is why I chose to explore working with Photoshop for the infographic as I wanted to challenge myself a bit, and see what I could produce.

I’m not entirely happy with the outcome; I tried to make my text playful, to have it rest within the shapes and images in order to make them become more a part of the imagery too. If we had more time, it would be nice to revisit this task, spend more time on it and further develop it – improve upon its outcome.



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