Controlling light and shadow, P2

Another day in the photography studios proved to be really useful! Today we were able to split into two groups and play around with the diffusers, tripods, lights and polystyrene positive/negative blocks in order to create various types of emotion through light. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to use this space; it really helps in getting used to the different types of equipment as well as where it all belongs.

My group decided to focus on using the tungsten lights and white backdrop. We moved the lights around left, right, high above and right behind our models to try and create various shadows upon the face. We used the diffusers to make a softer light…and sometimes took it away to make harder, more defined shadows. In the end, I had about 30 different shots, so thought it best to use Adobe Bridge to cut back to about 8.

In one of the shots of Esther, I used the light coming in from the window behind her; at the time it seemed like a nice gentle soft light and the emotion it depicts to me would be peace of mind. When we went into the studios, Charlie and Renee stood alongside one another as we moved the lights around. In some shots, you can see that we placed a tungsten light directly behind the girls. This lit them up from behind, causing a bright, harsh light to illuminate their hair – creating a warmer tone to those images.

I also tried to play around with various camera angles to capture different compositions. With the harsh light and low camera angle I was thinking of capturing authority. In the others I tried to make the harsh light capture happiness through the warm tones and places where the light played upon their faces.

It was rather enjoyable to be involved in a hands on class using the boards/diffusers to create softer lights/harsher lights. It was something I haven’t done before, so its something to add to the wealth of experience and knowledge I currently have.

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