Team Project: A day not wasted.

After yesterdays progress, I really wanted to get stuck into finishing the rock bed, so I took the initiative to come into Unitec. It was really strange walking through the empty hallways; I’m so used to it thriving with life from the students passing through but that didn’t change my enthusiasm. I set up the camera to film my progress and off I went. Quite a lot was done; even some cleaning up of the area for the others next week.

Most of the wall is done now, yet some areas are still blank because I’d run out of medium/large boxes. The only boxes left over now are some small shoe boxes, hopefully Amin can acquire some more over the weekend from work. I also made a small start on placing some paper mache over gaping box edges. Next week I will need to bring in a staple gun and any more brown or earthy coloured papers to begin on the texturised rock look. I can’t wait to see it all done! My goal for next week is to have the rocks completed, then move onto making some awesome 3D fish. I am thinking of looking into origami or collage sculptures.

The room when I’d finished for the day, at about 1.35pm…


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