Team project: Construction underway.

This week has been quite busy and tiring due to still being sick. Gina provided some in-depth explanations as to how we can demonstrate our own individual contributions toward our projects for each part of the course. Gina asked the class what ways we could show evidence. I was itching to get into our rooms to simply start building, so I suggested a few ways in which one could document their processes. It turned out to be a good thing because then the rest of the class started to contribute more ideas and the conversation became more engaging overall. The talk inspired me to continue making video footage for my posts to demonstrate what I get up to both at home and in our project room. I will also still take photographs, scan work, write. I really appreciate the lecturers taking time to make sure we know how to get good grades.

Afterwards, my team wandered off into our small planning studio to take a look at the materials Amin had kindly offered to get for us. He’d bought the coloured paper, double sided tape, clear tape, twine and nails. We’re going to split the bill between the remainder of us to pay him back; this means that the team will have an even monetary contribution toward our materials/tools. The day before, (Wednesday) we held a team meeting to search for the best places to buy from as seen in a picture below. This morning I brought my two pencil cases and other materials so that we would have enough of everything too.

The rest of the day consisted of Renee and Charlie starting on the triangles for the sea wall, while Amin helped me in setting up the base of the rock bed. In order to do this, we had to construct flat-packed boxes with clear tape and then nail or pin them to the wall/tape them to one another. Because the boxes we had came in sorts of sizes, I made sure to keep thinking of the drawings I had made up to decide where each box should be placed. They basically have to fill out the chalked area, as the next step would be to begin shaping the box based rocks with texturised paper.

This was a long and drawn out process but we got a lot done. We even had a visit from Paul and Gina which was rally cool. After Amin had to go at 2.3opm, I continued on the wall until about 4.05pm. The end result was a series of stacked boxes that spread out around the perimeter of our space. I plan on coming back in tomorrow to continue on the final touches of wall, so that on Monday it will be ready for phase two!

WK10 last shot of the day

The end result of todays hard work!

Its really awesome to finally be delving into physical wall construction, and I am so pleased that my team works really well together. We are also pleased to hear that Esther will be back with us on Monday!


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